Litigation in Russia and Worldwide
We primarily specialize in commercial and corporate disputes with or without an international element. We handle and coordinate proceedings in Cyprus, the UK and the USA. We can get involved in a matter at any stage, we advise on specific issues of substantive law and procedural law as part of a broader dispute and we develop strategies for dispute handling and conflict resolution.
Investigations in Russia and Worldwide
We support investigations for private clients in Russia and foreign jurisdictions. We gather (through discovery or otherwise) and review information necessary for initiating general criminal and special government investigations under the FCPA, RICO, UK Bribery Act, etc., and internal corporate/compliance investigations in Russia and elsewhere.
Corporate Law, Restructuring and Asset Ownership
Handling corporate transactions, restructurings and international and Russian investments and structuring the ownership of corporate and private assets.
Legal Services in Cyprus
Establishing an ownership structure for corporate or private assets through Cyprus companies. Handling transactions involving real and personal property in Cyprus. Advising on Cyprus litigations.