Viktor Yuzefovich
Managing Partner |

Before the founding of the firm, he worked in the legal departments of large Russian and foreign companies in FMCG and oil and gas sector, as a senior associate in the Russian law firm, dealing mainly with litigation and international arbitration.

He participated in the resolution of large-scale corporate disputes, disputes in the field of subsoil use and use of energy infrastructure facilities between the largest Russian companies in the fuel and energy sector, disputes over securities rights, as well as a number of resonant disputes over the protection of business reputation.

From 2009 to 2011 he supervised a number of projects in the field of bond restructuring, credit, leasing and other liabilities. In 2009 his work in this area was highly recognized by the Russian investment community in the Cbonds Awards independent voting.

The author of two books on problem of proof in arbitration process "Conclusions of the trial lawyer - 2. Evidence and proof in arbitration process: the analysis of court practice" - became the bestseller of Infotropic publishing house.